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Hole Openers

custom drill bits

Offered with steel tooth or TCI cones.

3 Cone Hole Opener

4 Cone Hole Opener

5 Cone Hole Opener

Drag Bit Hole Opener

TCI Washover Bit

Customized Back Reamer

custom drill bits custom drill bits

PDC Hole Opener

Extensive tungsten carbide hard facing prolongs bit life. Can be customized with any size con- nections and any number of blades. Available in many bit sizes and styles. Call 800-435-1052 for more info.

Visit our PDC Hole Opener page.


custom drill bits

Replaceable Bolt on Hole Opener Head

custom drill bits

7 7/8" x 12 1/4" 5 Cone TCI Hole Opener with Pilot

custom drill bits

5 Cone Steel Tooth Hole Opener

Effective in boulder formations. Shown: 5 Cone Reverse Circulation Milltooth Hole Opener with 150# flange.